FrontPage will not publish and my Wordpress is not working


Have FrontPage extensions and Wordpress installed on account. Was working fine in the past, but now cannot connect with FrontPage and Wordpress does not link properly.


Normally, on a Linux/Unix server with the Microsoft FrontPage Server extensions installed Wordpress works just fine and you are able to edit and publish pages (with MS FrontPage) UNTIL you make a change to the permalinks (for example to the date based kind like /2005/04/etc).

Now, the problem is that MS FrontPage uses the .htaccess file (which the Wordpress mod_rewrite rules must go into also) for it is "publishing" and "web authoring" configuration. As soon as the Wordpress mod_rewrite code is added to the file, two things happen:

  1. The permalinks do not work.
  2. The MS FrontPage Server extensions become corrupted.

The solution is actually quite simple.

If you are using or wish to use MS FrontPage along with Wordpress, you'll need to take the following simple steps on your server.

MS FrontPage creates the following directory _vti_bin. Nested within that it creates both _vti_adm and _vti_aut.

In addition to in your website (or Wordpress) root folder in all of those directories, you will find additional .htaccess files.

In all three of these directories AND in the root directory, at the TOP of ALL of the .htaccess files you simply need to add one line:

    Options +FollowSymlinks

There may or may not already be a line in each. Regardless, add the Symlinks line and save each .htaccess file and you are done. Now everything works perfectly, including MS FrontPage AND the permalinks of your choosing.

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