FTP Upload using Unlimited FTP

The first step is logging in at

Look for the Files section. Under the files section locate the icon called Unlimited FTP.

Click on the unlimtedFTP icon

A Security Warning Window may pop up. Or, if popups are disabled, you may get a message above this window that says:

  • Over on the right, click the button that says, "Options"
  • Select "Allow Popups for..."

If the application doesn't pop up you need to install the Java Virtual Machine on your system.

Windows users visit

Macintosh users go to

Now UnlimtedFTP should be loaded and look like the picture below.

UnlimtedFTP is setup a lot like the Windows file manager. The items in the left column are the folders and files on your local hard drive. The items in the right column are the folders and files on the server. Browse to the folder where you saved your webpage on your local hard drive in the left column.

Now Browse to the public_html folder in the right column. You can open folders by double clicking on them. We are now ready to upload your files.

Highlight the files you want uploaded and then click on the blue arrow pointing to the right. This indicates you will be copying files from the left area (your local file system) to the right area (your Bluehost account). Please make sure your homepage is named index.html before uploading. All your website folders and files need to be in the public_html folder in order for the public to access them.

Once the files are uploaded into the public_html folder, you should be able to access them either via your domain name and filename or via the temporary URL as provided in the "Welcome to Bluehost" email you received after first signing up.

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