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Article .htaccess
  Introduction to .htaccess Tutorial In this tutorial you will find out about the...
Views: 6987556
Article Avoiding index.html
Problem: I need to change the first page that is displayed on my home page with a name other...
Views: 1515
Article Force SSL on all pages.
Problem: How to force https on entire website. Solution: Use the .htaccess file. Edit the...
Views: 3555
Article FrontPage will not publish and my Wordpress is not working
Problem: Have FrontPage extensions and Wordpress installed on account. Was working fine in the...
Views: 2346
Article Google Indexed Addon Domain with HTTPS
Problem: Google has indexed the HTTPS version of my addon domain. Solution: Occasionally...
Views: 3733
Article Hotlink Protection
Problem: I need to protect the /images folder to not show images when people type in the...
Views: 1185
Article Hotlink Protection Using mod_rewrite
Problem: Preventing bandwidth theft using the mod rewrite engine and .htaccess Solution: Due...
Views: 1201
Article How to fix ExecGCI in .htaccess
How to run CGI scripts for Addon domains. Open the .htaccess file located in the...
Views: 1178
Article How to host the Primary Domain from a subfolder (.htaccess)
How do I make a sub directory (or sub folder) act as the public_html for your main domain? The...
Views: 1199
Article Password Protect a File
Problem: How do I Password Protect a single file on my website? Solution: The easiest method...
Views: 38027
Article Redirect
Problem: How do I create a redirect? Solution: The Redirects tool will allow you to redirect...
Views: 1253
Article Redirects that do not work due to PHP variables
Problem: The redirection of or index.html to...
Views: 1809
Article Restrict Access to Addon Domains through the Main Domain
Problem: I do not want to see How do I do that? Solution: The following...
Views: 1282
Article Restrict subdomain access to addon domains
Problem: How do I stop people from being able to use the addon domain as a subdomain of the...
Views: 1220
Article Simple Script Upgrade Error - Host Server Unresponsive
Problem: When performing an upgrade (in this case, Joomla) in Simple Scripts, it can throw the...
Views: 1195
Article SSL/TLS Certificates and Addon Domains
Problem: SSL/TLS Certificates and Addon Domains. Solution: Most Host only allows an SSL...
Views: 4333
Article Stopping Display of All files on Web page
Problem: How to Stop A Directory Index From Being Shown Solution: Sometimes, for one reason or...
Views: 1166
Article URL redirect/rewrite using the .htaccess file
Problem: How do I perform a URL redirect/rewrite using the .htaccess file? Solution: .htaccess...
Views: 1275
Article Wildcard SSL Certificiates
Accessing the .htaccess file The .htaccess file is located in the public_html folder. While you...
Views: 1335

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