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Article Connecting to your MySQL DB from Dream Weaver
Problem: How can I connect to our MySQL database from Dream Weaver? Solution: Log into your...
Views: 33890
Article How to Use phpMyAdmin and Basic SQL Commands
Problem: How do I use phpMyAdmin to administer my database(s)? Solution: Working with...
Views: 33026
Article MySQL and Postgres Database Repair
Problem: What necessitates "Database Repair"? Solution: Due to the huge amount of data stored...
Views: 38963
Article MySQL Database Compatibility
Problem: How do I make my MySQL database compatible with the version you provide? Solution: If...
Views: 32827
Article MySQL Database Creation
Problem: How do I create an empty MySQL Database? Solution: Databases offer a method for...
Views: 88948
Article MySQL Database Import via Command Line
How do I import a database using command line? (SSH) **SSH access is required for this...
Views: 32726
Article MySQL Database Reported Size and SQL Size Differ
Problem: The database backup sizes listed in the Site Backup & Restore tool appear different...
Views: 6047
Article MySQL Export via phpMyAdmin
Problem: How to export your database in phpMyAdmin.. Solution: Do the following after looking...
Views: 30200
Article MySQL Import and Export (.sql file) via PhpMyAdmin
Problem: I need to Export or Import a MySQL database Solution: Note: PhpMyAdmin can only...
Views: 48485
Article MySQL Import and Export (.sql file) via SSH
Problem: How to import and export a MySQL Database from the command line. Solution: MySQL...
Views: 55333
Article MySQL Repair / Optimize Tables in phpMyAdmin
Problem: How to repair and optimize databases using phpMyAdmin: Solution: Occasionally the...
Views: 29474
Article Remote Database Connection Setup
How do I remotely connect using a database management software? Databases in cPanel can be...
Views: 70558
Article Setting a Password for the Main MySQL User
I am prompted to set a new MySQL password. What does this mean and how do I change it? If you...
Views: 18087

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